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Millard Ayo Web Designer. Awards Winner. Website Design, Web System, Web Marketing. WordPress, Android App, Instagram Advert. PHP, Kotlin, HTML.

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1991: Founder born named Basil Lyayuka & 2012: Idodoe Enterprises founded with Tanzania business name registration number 245613 in Dar es Salaam.

Some of Awards: Global Innovation through science and Technology (GIST) with Dar es Salaam Technology Business Incubation (DTBi) – East Africa Top 40 in 2013.

Some of Clients: Millard Ayo, USAID – (RTI& ZMCP), Jimbo la Monduli, Creative City Homes, JatHouse, Sam Misago, Dr. Isaac Maro, BlackPaida, Praise Safaris, VegaFex & More.

Some of Media Apperings: The Citizen, East Africa Radio, Clouds FM & AyoTV.

More info: instagram.com/idodoe2

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info@idodoe.co.tz or +255 714 000 009 or instagram.com/idodoe2